Rach (flower_tummy) wrote in themonkees_tng,

Monkee magic?

I experienced a bit of "Monkee magic" today....just thought I'd share.

I had heard people tell stories of liking the Monkees so much, that if they put on an episode when they were depressed or feeling down, the show had a way of cheering them up. Of course, I had tried this approach before, but it never really worked for me.

I wasn't feeling very well at work today. Physically, not emotionally. My stomach hurt so bad I was literally in tears, so my boss let me go home. I felt really bad because I heard they were busy today, too. But anyway, I grabbed a heating pad and settled down to watch some episodes of the Monkees.

Honestly, I enjoyed them so much! And surprisingly enough, they were all one's that before, were not favorites. I laughed and laughed, and got so absorbed, it took my mind off how my stomach was feeling. They made me feel so good! Maybe it's the timeless-ness of the comedy; maybe it's the cuteness of all four of them; maybe it's the good feeling that you get during the music sequences....whatever you call it, I call it "Monkee magic." :)
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