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A groovy trivia inquiry!

Okay Folks, A question.

I know that the PORPOISE SONG was used in the movie VANILLA SKY,
And that Last Train to clarksville was used in the brady bunch sequel, as davy's 'girl' was used in the first movie.

What monkees songs have been featured in what films/other tv shows? I'm itchin' to know. Can anyone tell me any?
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Well the most obvious one I can think of is "I'm a beliver" in Shrek, but it was redone by Smashmouth... But it'll always be a song performed by the Monkees to me.. lol

Another one is the movie Now & Then, which has "Daydream Believer" performed by The Monkees. That's all I can think of right now. If I remember any more, I'll post 'em!